Thursday, September 30, 2010

E.P.I.C. Student Ministry Newsletter- Sep 2010

Since returning from International Youth Convention in Orlando last month, our students at Aloha Church of God have enjoyed a month of spiritual encouragement from the book of Philippians, fellowship, and laid back summer fun. Among the latest highlights:

Crazy games during E.P.I.C. Wednesday nights

IMG_5839.JPGSharing about IYC Orlando with the students back at home

Campmeeting at Warner Pacific College

IMG_6148.JPGIMG_6153.JPGDual fundraisers holding signs for a car dealership, earning money for our upcoming summer activities

Water balloon fight!

IMG_6247_edited-1.JPGHiking in the Columbia River Gorge

Cruising in the Jeep

IMG_5841.JPGPlaystation 3 gaming at Garth and Kathy's new house

Our young people thank you for your prayers. We've had a fun summer!

In Christ,
Youth Pastors Garth and Kathy Hamilton

P.S. I'm having some difficulties getting our youth camping/boating pictures uploaded. In the meantime, here are some other bonus pics from this summer:

BLAM!! Collision on home plate!

IMG_6121.JPGThe infamous banana cake, in honor of Garth's birthday

The dominant team goes deep field to win the water balloon toss

Kenny gets pwned by Brandon and Patrick at the E.P.I.C. water fight!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Student Ministry Newsletter- September 2009

Note: My latest post for September 2010 is still in "draft" mode (as this one has been), so I'm posting this 2009 entry for a fun look at what we did last year at this time. As soon as I finish uploading recent pics from this summer, I'll publish the new entry. Enjoy!

IMG_3029.JPGThis has been a fun and action packed summer for our student ministry. We created many memories together, and remembering God's blessings have been a key theme from our teachings this past month. We've been following Israel's story as the Lord led them further from their slavery in Egypt, preparing them for a new life of freedom and obedience in the Promised Land. We can also be free to experience God's promises by relying on the Holy Spirit to set us apart for His calling (as Moses and Aaron were anointed for ministry), acknowledging that everything we have belongs to God (as demonstrated by God's instructions for the Year of Jubilee), and learning to be grateful for God's blessings (in contrast to the Israelite's grumbling and complaining in the desert).

In addition to this summer's day hikes, backpacking/ camping trips, swimming, and boating excursions, we always consider OR/SW WA State Campmeeting to be a highlight. IMG_2905.JPGWill operated the camera on the opening night as this year's theme, "A Hope and a Future," was introduced. A group of students also took part in Warner Pacific College Night on Wednesday.

IMG_2943.JPGAs always, we celebrated the end of summer with laughs and thrills at our annual camping/waterskiing weekend in Washington State. IMG_2946.JPGAfter setting up camp near the town of Couger, we had dinner together and walked down to Yale Lake for a brisk twilight swim.
IMG_2975.JPGBack at camp, we explored the area, toasted s'mores, and enjoyed interesting conversations around the campfire.

IMG_2984_edited-1.JPGGarth's dad, Bo, made a surprise appearance at camp the next morning while Garth was leading morning devotions.

After sharing a delicious pancake and sausage breakfast at camp, we launched Bo's boat in Yale Lake and cranked up the fun.

Our toys of choice were the wakeboard, the kneeboard, and the water tube. Bo pulled each of us behind his boat according to our own preference of speed, sharp turns, and craziness.IMG_3022.JPG
It was a great weekend of camping and boating, and we look forward to next year!

Thanks in advance for remembering our student ministry in your prayers for the upcoming school year. Details on the launch of our new E.P.I.C. Student Ministry will follow next month!

In His grip,
Youth Pastors Garth and Kathy Hamilton

Here are some blog-exclusive bonus photos for this month:


Playing Tree on Garth's birthday


Taste testing different blends of joe at Coffee Stop, narrowing down options for the upcoming Aloha Church of God Blend

IMG_3028.JPGNot one, but TWO soaking wet water balloon fights.
We had a Slip 'N' Slide contest before we dried off. Derek G.(pictured) easily took the top honors.


And finally... observing communion together on the playground (after one of the water fights) at the end of Garth's teaching