Saturday, May 12, 2012

Life and Near-Death at the WPC Commencement (Updated)

New photos added on 6/28/12

Here’s a riddle:  On what special occasion would I get an opportunity to both celebrate and help prevent each of two major life events?  Why, being a speaker at Warner Pacific’s commencement ceremony, of course!
Commencement photo from Warner Pacific's Facebook page

Last Saturday, as I waited for my cue to give my Alumni Council President speech to the Class of 2012, I subconsciously noticed that something was wrong with the man sitting next to me.
At first, I thought he had merely dozed off during the first hour of the ceremony.  Now, a week later, I’m still kicking myself for not paying closer attention to how slumped over his posture was gradually becoming.  The man appeared to have stopped breathing.  His adult son, sitting behind him, was speaking quietly but urgently into his ear.  There was no response.
The two of us pulled the man out of his seat and briefly laid him down in the aisle.  We can’t let his niece see him like this,” the son pleaded to me as we each grabbed one of his arms.  
We both carefully dragged his lifeless body outside the auditorium and gently laid him back down in the hallway.
The man’s son sprang into action, performing chest compressions on his father as we waited for the paramedics to show up.  As I knelt down beside him, I laid my hands on his torso and closed my eyes.  A witness said she heard the man attempting to speak (That would've been an encouraging sign, although I was inches away and never heard a sound.)  I never even caught the man’s name.  [Update: His name is Howard, and his condition stabilized after I went back inside and the paramedics took him away.]

I may never know if my prayers for his resuscitation were answered that morning.  Shortly after the paramedics took over, I slipped back into the auditorium to cheer loudly as my several of my friends received their diplomas.  

As Dr. Cole Dawson introduced me, I shook off my rattled nerves and ran up to the podium to unleash my inspirational (I hope!) WP Alumni Association welcome speech to the graduates. Subdued, soft spoken, and mannered I was not.  Is it a cop out to blame my Braveheart-style delivery on the adrenaline?

Congratulations, Class of 2012!!!  Mike, Dante, Brian... never mind, I won't even try to list all of the people that I was excited to see graduate this year.  Your hard work paid off!

By the way, please join me in prayer for the recovery of my seatmate.  Thanks to the quick response of his son and the paramedics, I feel optimistic that he made it through.

And just for fun…
Here are a few pictures from this year’s 82nd Avenue of Roses parade, with WPC mascot Knightro riding along in the backseat of my Jeep Wrangler:
Cruisin’ in the Jeep with Katie and Knightro

Micah charms the crowds along the parade route

82nd Ave of Roses Parade.JPG
Thanks for texting me this group shot, Traci!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Amsterdam- The Videos

Now that some select stories have been told from our father/son visits to Luxembourg, Belgium, and Amsterdam (links), I’m throwing in a minor bonus.  Click on the “Play” buttons below to see a few quick video clips, featuring some throwaway B-roll footage of Amsterdam street atmosphere:

Video: My dad and I floated under a bridge geared for bicycle lovers during our Amsterdam canal boat tour.  Too bad they gave us a covered boat… We Portlanders aren’t afraid of a little rain!

Video: Bells ring out in Amsterdam.

Video:  At night, this Amsterdam strip was one of the areas that my new friends and I hit up for some fun.  Our last night out was even more insane than the first!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Netherlands- Spring Break in the Low Countries, Days 3-5

IMG_4088_edited-1.JPG by gkhamilton
IMG_4088_edited-1.JPG, a photo by gkhamilton on Flickr.
Amsterdam’s nightlife is crazy, for lack of a stronger word. Hitting the town with such fun people as Claude, Garritt, Thomas, Juliette, Iris, Rosalie, and Helena (and everyone else whose names I forgot!) made the friendly streets of Amsterdam even friendlier.

IMAG2244.jpg Even on a late weeknight, Amsterdam handily defeats Portland for the most crowds, music, bicyclists (even in the poorly lit neighborhoods), drunkenness, prostitution, and of course pot smoking. Hey, at least that list started out with legit bragging rights, eh?

The least desirable of these Amsterdam “records” were evident from the obnoxiously loud vomiting that we occasionally heard from outside our hotel window. And from the hotel hallways. And the shower. Come to think of it, speaking of puking…

****Sorry, Mom. I’m really not trying to gross you out. A few weeks ago I posted a pic (link) of Brussels’ tacky Manneken Pis statue on my blog, and now this. I know that you would categorize this as “not dinner table discussion,” so hopefully you’re not munching as you read this. I’ll stop now.****

After Bo and I returned from Luxembourg City and Brussels (links), our stay in Amsterdam marked the end of our brief jaunt through the Benelux countries. 

On our first night in Amsterdam, we hastily picked the Hotel Jimmy as a convenient place to throw down our bags.   IMG_4093.JPG   The steep, winding staircase at the Hotel Jimmy lead to the reception desk on the "first" floor. Pro tip: Anyone who carries an innocent looking girl’s two small bags up stairs like these is just asking for trouble…especially when those bags weigh at least 70 lbs each! Oh, and never ask questions about said bags.

Although the night scene in Amsterdam (or at least some elements of it- see above) was the big draw for me, I’m glad that my dad wanted to use our daylight hours to see places that I had passed up during my previous visits to the city.

IMG_4047.JPG Using the canal boats as our main mode of transportation, we essentially made it a Dutch art museum day. On most overseas trips, I wouldn’t be caught dead in an art gallery for fear of being bored to tears. This day proved me wrong.

IMG_4076.JPGBo was impressed with this replica of a Dutch ship in the Rijkmuseum

In my dad’s words:

The Rijksmuseum is essentially the 'national art gallery' of Holland, and is currently under a major restoration inside and outside. CameraZOOM-20120330040037852.jpg  Much of the museum is closed, yet it contained hundreds of works of art, with a focus on the golden age of Dutch art. A centerpiece was Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, his most famous and greatest painting.

The Van Gogh Museum, only a few blocks from Rijksmuseum, was our next stop. It’s an amazing display of art and a life story of the gifted and tortured genius who shaped modern impressionistic art - sadly, only after he died. The Van Gogh Museum has four levels, and you start at the bottom level, with Van Gogh’s earlier influences and works. As you move up the levels, you can trace his progression as an artist, his growing influence with his contemporaries, and finally his dawning awareness that his artistic vision was fading along with his skills. In poverty, he died of a self-inflected gunshot wound, ending a career that spanned only 10 years, but which left an enduring impression (pun not intentional) on the art world.” --
From Doug Hamilton's travel notes.

IMG_4079.JPG   In addition to the collection of paintings, the Van Gogh museum also had iPads set up to virtually deconstruct various works of art.

IMG_4081_edited-2.JPG Day 4: Life imitates art in Amsterdam, with my delicious Belgian waffle standing in for Vincent van Gogh's pipe

On a final note, I wasn’t expecting everyone’s questions about Amsterdam's world-famous tulip festival.  IMG_4094.JPGFor those of you who inquired, I thought I’d toss in this blurry tulip pic that Bo snapped from our train to the AMS airport on Day 6. Talk about ending this story with an anticlimactic money shot!

The dozens of previously open seats on our flight home to Portland practically filled up overnight. After a significant delay at the Amsterdam ticket counter (it was training day, no joke) we glided through the security checkpoint and snagged the last seats as they were shutting the boarding doors.

As Bo and I flew home to Portland, I thanked God that our risky attempts to fly standby during spring break were spared the disastrous results predicted by our naysayers. After all, with all of the Portland flights overbooked to the East Coast and beyond, the choice was essentially made for me to make yet another trip to the oft visited Benelux region. No regrets, though. Who could tire of seeing the Low Countries?

Our original choice between skiing the Swiss Alps or cave-diving in Belize will have to wait until next time!