Saturday, December 24, 2011

Meet WP’s new Alumni Council President- Garth Hamilton

IMG_5128.JPG by gkhamilton
IMG_5128.JPG, a photo by gkhamilton on Flickr.

Driving my Jeep in last year’s 82nd Avenue of Roses parade, with WP mascot Knightro in the back seat

DSC_6934(Photo from Warner Pacific’s photostream on Flickr) I had the honor of speaking to the Class of 2011 at Warner Pacific College's commencement ceremony, the morning after we returned from our Cross USA Visiting Spree. Alex Bates, our former student, was one of the graduates!

Here is my article from the most recent issue of “The Experience” magazine:

Greetings, fellow Warner Pacific Alumni. I graduated from Warner Pacific in 1998 with a B.A. in Religion and Christian Ministries. That same year, I married my beautiful wife Kathy (Eason) Hamilton on campus, packing the house in McGuire Auditorium. Kathy and I are expecting our first child, a baby girl, on September 7th.

Coming from a strong family line of WPC supporters (the Perrys, the LaVelles, and the Hamiltons), I was looking forward to attending Warner for much of my young life and my actual experience at Warner Pacific exceeded my expectations. I credit my quality education for preparing me for my ongoing tenures at Delta Airlines, as youth pastor at Aloha Church of God, and as the current WP Alumni Council President.

This is where we, the alumni of Warner Pacific, come into the picture. Our diverse experiences at Warner Pacific, the relationships that we developed there, and the impact that the college has had on our lives all add up to more than a mere history with this school. We are also vital to the future of WPC!

I encourage each of us to reflect upon how Warner Pacific has shaped our lives and how we can use our passions, strengths, and gifting to support the ongoing mission of Warner Pacific. I encourage each of us to stay involved with Warner and to stay connected with the people who share our Warner Pacific heritage.

As God lays upon your heart the various ways that you may be able to serve (or to simply enjoy fellowship with our fellow alumni), feel free to contact me or a member of the WP staff with any creative suggestions. Please familiarize yourselves with the exciting alumni events that are already on the calendar. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

In Christ,

Garth Hamilton
WP Alumni Council President

Last Saturday, I once again had the privilege of welcoming the Class of 2011 into the Alumni Association of WPC at the December commencement ceremony. I haven’t run across any pictures from our latest ceremony yet, but here are a few more photos from May’s commencement:
0156.jpgIMG_8130_edited-1.JPGIMG_8144.JPG Speaking earlier this year at the May commencement ceremony was especially meaningful to me. As I mentioned above, Alex Bates-- one of the graduates from our student ministry at Aloha Church of God-- was one of the many scholars who received a diploma. To add to the excitement, her then-boyfriend Ryan Lane also graduated from WP that day… and proposed to Alex last week! She said “yes,” of course. A larger than life congrats goes out to the newly engaged couple, and to the entire of the Class of 2011, who can expect great things in the future as WP alumni.

Another experience that was even more fun the second time around was driving in this year’s 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade. IMAG0251.jpgIMAG0253.jpgIMAG0261.jpg The day before we attempted to leave for our Cross USA Visiting Spree, I took the soft top off of my Jeep Wrangler again to convert it into a chariot for WP mascot Knightro during the parade in May…

…And at last year’s parade…

One last thing: Our WP Alumni and Family Weekend is right around the corner! Registration for the February 8-10, 2012 event is up on the Warner Pacific website. On Facebook, you can also find the link to the event page from our Warner Pacific Alumni group homepage. I hope to see each of our alumni back on campus in February!

Have a merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Shave the Date

Before I hop on a plane to Munich, Germany tomorrow morning to check out some Bavarian castles this weekend, I’d like to declare an American holiday: December 1st marks our freedom from the tyranny of beards.

DSC_0793_edited-1.JPG November 30th was the final day of Mustache November, or “Movember,” a nationwide effort to increase awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancers. Throughout Movember, guys could also enlist sponsors as they grew out ridiculous looking mustaches- as opposed to the socially acceptable kind?- to raise money for prostate cancer research.

I suppose Movember needn’t be restricted to men, but any woman sporting a Movember mustache in her profile picture is just BEGGING to be blocked on Facebook.

Alas, a lack of personal conviction quickly deteriorated my most Movember of intentions... IMAG1464.jpg ...into an observation of the increasingly popular “No Shave November” movement this year. The results were significantly less noble, but only slightly less silly looking.

DSC_0797_edited-1.JPG In the midst of removing my proverbial Beard Goggles yesterday, I posed for some deliciously down-home pictures of what could have been. I think the trucker hat and the "Gun Show" display really sell it, no? But don’t laugh… I took time away from my busy schedule of shotgun blasting cans in my backyard for this photo session.

DSC_0807_edited-1.JPG Lena, my insanely cute 2 ½ month old daughter, barely recognized me clean shaven yesterday. After all, I’d been growing a beard for nearly half of her life.

DSC_0712.JPG Kathy had been holding out hope for a long term facial hair commitment, so I waited until she was distracted with Lena to unleash the razor. Everything went according to plan... Who could possibly resist being immersed in Lena’s wide eyed charms?

By the way, shame on anyone who read the title of this BlogSpot post in hopes of nabbing ideas for a surprise romantic evening. Trust me, this will not end well.

Stick with the roses, Romeo.