Friday, May 30, 2008

Growing Up in a Van, DOWN BY THE RIVER!!

Some moms encourage their little ones to learn how to play piano or create art. Apparently Chris Farley's mom made him practice his Gap Girl character, in hopes that he would someday become an SNL cast member.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My First Ever Photo Post- IMG_9096.JPG

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This blog post has the very first picture ever added to my blogspot page. I chose this photo as my first in honor of my friend Elaine. Elaine was excited to check out my new blog, but she was less than impressed when I told her about the plain, text-only layout.

This photo shows BJ (my former roommate), Elaine, and their boys hanging out in front of my Jeep. BJ was the guest preacher at our church that morning, and we went out to eat at Amigos' II afterwards. Doesn't my Jeep look great?

I have several past blog entries that are completed but have yet to be uploaded to blogspot. This explains why older posts will pop up occasionally, behind the newer posts. With my new Flickr account, I will try to include photos with many of those upcoming entries. If you would like to access my other non-public Flickr photos, please drop me a line so I can add you as a "friend."

Jeep Off-Roading

For Memorial Day, I tossed a few ministry students in my Jeep to go 4x4 driving at Brown's Camp. We made a caffeine stop at Starbucks and were served behind the counter by our gradutates Will and Bethany! IMG_9143.JPG
It rained just enough to make the trails a little muddy, but then the weather dried up. Despite the chilly and foggy air, the guys took the top off of the Jeep so we could climb the hills in style. IMG_9155.JPG
It's hard to tell from this shot, but the Jeep was parked at a fun angle on this one. IMG_9166.JPG
Before we headed for home, we watched some quads and dirt bikes jump a giant pile of gravel repeatedly. Good times. IMG_9174.JPG
After all was said and done, I drove the Jeep home with the same tires that we drove up with... which is more than I can say for our last trip. To look at other pictures from this trip, create a free Yahoo ID and I'll give you a pass to look at all my "private" pictures on Flickr, too. IMG_9179.JPG