Saturday, August 2, 2008

August photo blowout sale...Everything must go!

You heard that right... Due to overwhelming demand, I am finally posting a few more photos! IMG_9428.JPG
But first...
I need to switch gears for a few minutes as I prepare to preach my four-part sermon series on Philippians this month. So to ease my slight anxiety about my first preaching oppportunity in nearly a year(!), I'm taking a break to answer the FAQs I often get:
Q: Why do you hardly ever post to your blog? A: I'm well-meaning but very busy.
Q: Why can't we view very many pics on your Flickr site? A: Y'all need to send me (or create) your free Yahoo ID so I can add you as a "Friend" to unlock those other hidden pics.
Q: When are you gonna make all of your Flickr pics "Public" so anyone can see them? A: Probably never. I usually only unlock the pics that I post here on my blog, but anyone can access the hidden photos after they send me their Yahoo ID. After all, I don't want just ANYONE to have access to my pics (especially of my awesome students)!
That said, here are a few pics I recently made "Public":
Before I was even called into youth ministry, Monica WAS my middle school youth pastor. At Monty's reception, it was such a blast from the past to run into the best (former) middle school youth pastor of all time!

Speaking of major childhood influences, a bunch of my high school buddies got together in a Portland studio to record a tribute song for the late great Pastor Gerald Marvel. Click on the photo to see who all sang their parts, all masterfully written by Nicole. We miss you, Pastor Marvel!

Kathy, my beautiful wife!

Hiking Hamilton Mountain with Bo (my dad) on his first day of retirement. His local celebrity-studded retirement sendoff was amazing. I am so proud of him!

Out with Kathy's parents to celebrate her birthday.

Mother's Day at Izzy's, with my parents and my sister Girl.

Pigging out at the Men's Advance at Camp Whitebranch.

Group shot of our retreat at Camp Whitebranch. I'm kneeling down in the front row to disguise my towering frame.

And last but not least, here is a freakishly altered shot of Kathy and I heading out with our internet-shy friends Joey and Jenna. They didn't want their faces posted online, but there's nothing that a little nightmarish photo editing can't fix.

That's it for now. I will unlock and post a few more pics after campmeeting, including some youth ministry shots. I'd better get back to studying for tomorrow's sermon...


Anonymous said...

Hey Garth & Kathy!
WOW! I love the camp whitebranch photos. I went there every summer as a kid and now I am feeling nostalgic. Did you know that you can make your blog private and then send out invites so people have to log in to see your page and your photos? Ours used to be, but many of our "elder" extended family could not figure out the login so we just threw caution to the wind and made it public. Good to see you guys doing well!
Take care
Elisha Gettmann (weems)

Elaine said...

Garth and Kathy-
It was so much fun to hang with you that one Sunday. My boys loved your jeep! Keep posting!