Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Slightly Snowy Update

Kathy and I were praying for March snow, and it arrived just in time for our hike last Saturday. The snowfall was short lived, so most of it melted away almost as quickly as it had accumulated.

Gail’s Creek Trail was badly damaged from the previous winter storm. Fallen trees and branches were strewn across the trail, and the path was washed out in a few places. We hiked in as far as we could before turning back at the trail closure signs.

I helped Kathy navigate most of the rougher spots, but I backed off for a moment to photograph her climbing over some frozen branches. What a trooper! I plan to upload more photos from this hike in the future.

We actually got a tiny bit of snow accumulation at home on Sunday and Monday. It wasn’t much, but I always welcome an occasional break from our typically mild Northwest climate. Clicking on this photo should enlarge it enough to see the falling snowflakes. This pic was taken from our back porch.

Finally, here is a photo that didn’t make the cut for my last “Arctic Blast” retro blog post.
My dad took this shot of Kathy and I at his house on Christmas morning. I wanted to post it here because Kathy looks so beautiful, as always.


Elaine said...

That is a really good picture of you two. Boy, Kathy is a real trooper with all that hiking! :)

Christi said...

Every picture of the two of you together seems to turn out so good! Miss you guys!