Saturday, April 18, 2009

Student Ministry Newsletter- April ‘09


Responding to God has been the theme of our Aloha Church of God student ministry meetings this season. Our teachings have uncovered parallels between our young people's lives and the biblical accounts of believers such as John the Baptist, his mother Elizabeth, and the Hebrew midwives who feared the Lord and saved the baby Moses' life.

We are all placed in challenging situations from time to time, and the Holy Spirit will guide our hearts to make bold choices that honor Christ.

How will you respond?

Some fun ministry highlights from this past month include:

IMG_1643_edTMP-1.JPG IMG_1639_edTMP-1blog_edit.JPG

Off-roading in Garth's Jeep at Brown's Camp, along with some kids from our community.
We had to get roped out of the mud by one of our friends. Thank God that the bumper held up!


A soggy yet scenic hike at Multnomah Falls.


Rocking and worshipping at the Memorial Coliseum with Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, Hawk Nelson, Tenth Avenue North, and Addison Road during the Rock 'n' Worship Roadshow.

This is a short video of us singing along with Hawk Nelson as they play "The Show."


Being captivated by ACOGY graduate Alex Bates' performance in Warner Pacific College's play, "The Curious Savage."

Thank you all for the prayers for our wonderful students!

In Christ,

Youth Pastors Garth and Kathy Hamilton


Here are some bonus pictures:




Kathy sharing Moments for Missions with our congregation


Observing communion


A goofy shot of Will, Kenny, me, and Victoria in the church parking lot

Helping Allison move


Derek, Brandy, and Ben dash for their seats during Fruit Basket Upset

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