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Student Ministry Newsletter- June 2009

Note: I have a few recent student ministry posts that still need photos. As soon as I upload the photos to Flickr, I will add these posts here to Blogspot in the order that I originally completed them. Check back soon!

Aloha ChoG Youth Newsletter- June 2009

    Our Aloha Church of God student ministry has concluded our teaching series on "Responding to God," and we pray that the students' responses have indicated life change. We've been inspired by the confrontation of sin by Nathan, the confession of King David, the bravery of Esther, and the obedience of the prophet Isaiah. These last few months, students have been challenged to respond to God's call as Isaiah did by answering, "Here am I. Send me!" (Isaiah 6:8).

Here are some highlights of this past month's activities:

  • The nail-biting suspense of playing Easter Egg Roulette

  • Cheering on Juan (in the green jersey) as he won a decisive soccer victory over a tough team

  • Judging the performances of our talented theater students as they compete by acting out various vignettes (Alissa and Tiffany are featured in the photo)

  • Enjoying some of the latest "summer popcorn flicks" at the movie theater together

It is a blessing that Alex Bates (Class of '07) and her boyfriend Ryan are still actively involved at Aloha Church of God, leading children's church. We also caught up with a couple of other Aloha ChoG youth graduates whom we don't see very often. In this month's special "Where Are They Now?" segment:


  • Martha Carr (Class of '02) was spotted climbing Saddle Mountain with her mom, Peggy, on Memorial Day. She is currently working hard for her parents as they prepare their newly purchased home.

  • Lindsay Adams (Class of '05), daughter of Rick and Marva, graduated in May from Warner Pacific College with a B.A. in Elementary Education. She will be marrying her fiancĂ©, Lance Chamberlain, in September!

We are proud of all of our students. They have a well deserved summer vacation just around the corner. Thank you for remembering each of them in your prayers.

In Christ,

Youth Pastors Garth and Kathy

Here are a some bonus pictures for this month:

Floor hockey

Easter Egg Roulette aftermath

Weight lifting

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