Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Baby's Due Date Is... Yesterday?

Note: Additional photos added!
IMG_3282_edited-1.JPG by gkhamilton
IMG_3282_edited-1.JPG, a photo by gkhamilton on Flickr.

IMAG1083.jpg Celebrating my birthday at Cooper Mountain

After waiting all this time for our baby daughter’s September 7 due date to arrive, the day came and went with nothing more than a small scare. When my alarm went off at 2 a.m. yesterday for my morning shift at Delta, Kathy was feeling nauseous and was experiencing irregular contractions. I called Delta to tell them not to expect me at the airport for my shift.

IMAG0410.jpg Later that morning, I took Kathy in to see our OBGYN. She assured us that Kathy’s condition and her false contractions were nothing to be concerned about. Before sending us home, our doctor recommended that we schedule a stress test next Wednesday, followed by an appointment to induce labor a week from this Friday. Kathy and I never really expected our baby daughter to be born by her September 7 due date, but hopefully she comes sooner the end of next week! Either way, we’ll be excited for her to arrive.

DSC_0634.JPG Our baby daughter’s room is all set up for the big day, and we can’t wait to finally bring her home to sleep in it.

IMAG1107.jpgIMG_0078.jpg This photo was taken by Christi Kurtz.
We have been blessed with a small army of friends and family who, when all is said and done, will have thrown us a total of seven(!) baby showers.

IMAG1087.jpg Our baby daughter will have enough toys, outfits, and diapers to keep her stylin’ with the best of them.

This past summer, Kathy and I have been taking advantage of our last hassle-free opportunities for uninterrupted “us” time, "me" time, and family time before our baby arrives.
IMG_3295_edited-1.JPGIMAG0937_edited-1.jpgSAM_0045_edited-1.JPG Getaways such as flying overseas or driving to our family’s annual Banks Lake camping trip in July have been relaxing, but they are too few and too brief. This year, we even had to cut our Banks Lake vacation short so I could fly out in the middle of the week for Delta Care Team training in Atlanta. But next year, we’ll look forward to bringing our little one along to the lake!

We often hear about how important it is for parents to schedule “date nights” and outings with each other:

DSC_0065.JPGIMAG0240.jpgIMAG1098.jpg We’ll never need to be reminded to head out on the town together, but we realize that becoming parents may make our “get out” time less frequent and more complicated to pull off. Somehow, though, we’ll continue to make it happen.

Personally, I’ve been making the most of my pre-baby life by squeezing in as many hiking, trail running, backpacking, and camping trips as I can manage while juggling family, ministry, work, and social life.

DSC_0171.JPGIMAG1135.jpgDSC_0588_edited-1.JPGDSC_0142.JPG Friends tell me often that, as a father, I’ll have to cut back on so many things that I love to do. I’m totally at peace with that, since we'll soon have a baby girl who is gonna need the best that we can give her. Our lives are about to change for the better!

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