Friday, January 25, 2013

My Jeep, the Tank

Current scores: 
Crashes/unscathed Jeep Wrangler- 5  Crashes/unscathed cars that smash into it- 0
My at-fault accidents: 0  Other accidents: Ummm...

It must be hard to resist crashing into my Jeep, especially with the soft top down.  And especially when I'm innocently stopped at red lights.


The latest guy to obliterate his front end on my tailgate got off easier than some of the Jeep's past victims, but it was still pretty bad.  His truck is no longer truck-shaped anymore.  I'm glad he was okay, but I feel so sorry for him.  What a horrible way to start out his new year!

Aside from a slightly pinched spare tire, the Wrangler got a clean bill of health this week.  Barely a scratch, as usual.

Why is this not surprising?  Here's why:  My Jeep has been hit in parking lots.  My Jeep was accidentally rammed on Superbowl Sunday.  And my BlogSpot post from July 2009, A Week of Jeep Smash-Ups (link), tells of the 72 hour window in which my Jeep got rear-ended TWICE while I was stopped at red lights. The first accident resulted in a totaled-out Taurus.   In spectacular fashion, the next crash pinned the Jeep near the front of a seven car pile-up!

Seven car pile-up by the Nike World Campus in Beaverton!  My Jeep Wrangler was the fourth vehicle hit by an out-of-control U-Haul van.  This was the second time that my Jeep got hit in 72 hours!

Let's save the Jeep retrospective blog for another time.  After all, you BlogSpot readers need to build up some stamina for the upcoming Lena picture-fest that I'm gonna drop next week.

Suffice it to say that Jeeps take a lickin' and keep on tickin'.  So far, my Wrangler has been rugged enough to:

Navigate rocky, snowy and icy roads to the mountain for hiking, backpacking, camping and skiing
...carry surfboards to the ocean, skis to the slopes, water toys to the lake, and gear to the trails
...trek offroad through mud, water, and an array of obstacles
...haul around middle school, high school, and college students
...appear in parades for WP College and the occasional TV commercial
...and survive the daily commute to PDX airport, church, and various photo studios/sets.

It's been said that Jeep Wranglers have nine lives.  How many lives does this Jeep have left?

Coming next Friday on BlogSpot...

A blog starring 15 month old Lena is long overdue!

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