Friday, July 11, 2014

Baby Levi flips!

What the flip? Our baby boy Levi completely rolled over from his back onto his stomach yesterday morning! All by himself.

At nearly 6 months old, of course Levi has been flipping over for quite some time now... but with a literal catch. He hasn't quite been able to pull out his little left arm to complete the roll.

Just minutes before I left for work yesterday, that all changed. After kicking around on his back all morning, Levi executed the move perfectly.  He'll be climbing things with Daddy in no time.

Following the flip, Levi even did a little push-up for us.  Here are Levi's first moments of independently achieved tummy time:

Of course, Lena wouldn't stand idly by while Levi hogged the spotlight:

As soon as Lena heard my camera clicking (Thank you, Sprint and Samsung, for my Galaxy Note's loud, always-on artificial shutter sound!), she dove right in there.

Older siblings must feel they need to try extra hard to get noticed. Remind anyone of a different pair of Hamilton siblings?

Vintage photo credit:  Summer Sorenson's Facebook page

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