Friday, September 19, 2014

Lil' buckaroos at the Buckaroo Rodeo

Up close and personal for the Molalla Buckaroo Rodeo

This is a catch-up post, from July:

The fam was all set to head out for this year's Portland Waterfront Blues Festival on July 4th. Lena loved dancing with Daddy at the Blues Fest last year. Before we get to the 2014 stuff below, here are some 2013 flashback photos from around the Portland waterfront:

Backstage with Luther Dickinson, after the North Mississippi Allstars played
(Bonus: A photo bomb by Fake David Crosby!)

Walking/crawling around the docks in between sets

Dinner at Thirst waterfront cafe before John Hiatt's closing set

This year, as we geared up again for the 2014 Waterfront Blues Fest, Kathy and I realized that neither Lena nor baby Levi had been to a rodeo before. Our friends ride in various events, and we've been to more summer rodeos than we can keep track of.

The Blues Fest was put on hold for the first time in years. Lena and Levi made their July 4th debut at the Molalla Buckaroo Rodeo instead.

In the words of another, more famous Garth...

It's bulls and blood,
the dust and the mud,
And they call this thang a rodeo
(Wah waooooh!)

Even rodeo clowns text on the job?

Believe it or not, Lena's footlong+ corn dog was the smallest on the menu.

Lena's first ever carnival ride, at the rodeo with Daddy

"You must be this tall..."  Lena is finally tall enough!

Vive video:  Whee!

Fourth of July barbeque after the rodeo

For once, we didn't go to Fort Vancouver or downtown to catch any fireworks that evening. Kathy and the kids walked over for Dave and Kristy's neighborhood firework display, and I ducked into the garage to ready my gear bag for the morning.

At 2:30 a.m., my alarm would sound for the next day's adventure. We had a volcano to climb.

Coming up on Garth's Blog...

Climbing Mount St. Helens!

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