Friday, October 17, 2014

A quick trip to the Hong Kong protests

The flights to both Italy and Switzerland are too full this weekend to visit friends in that region.  Yet our most recent European get-togethers have gone so smoothly... and photos are still too come from those trips!  Another weekend, guys.  That was Plan B.

Hong Kong's Umbrella Revolution #umbrellarevolution #umbrellamovement #gm1 #lumix #occupyhk
Photo by Pasu Au Yeung on Flickr

Plan C is now to drop in on the political unrest in Hong Kong for the day.  It will be exciting to check out what remains of the protests for democracy in that country.  A buddy will either join me en route or meet me in Hong Kong, depending on the flight options.

For anyone curious, Plan A was to crash Kathy's wonderful family's 1/2 week in Central Oregon.  That didn't work out this time, either.  The usual culprits: Short staffing at Delta on Thursday (Kathy and the kids left on Wednesday night), a friend in Bend who was unavailable, and the insane ease and simplicity of flying overseas for trips like this.  I get a ton of work done on these long international flights.

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution #umbrellarevolution
Photo by Pasu Au Yeung on Flickr

Our flight for Tokyo leaves this afternoon, with a short connection later on to Hong Kong.  If the flights don’t work out, I can always fly to Bend and fall back on a drastically modified version of Plan A.

Whatever happens, I'll upload photos from wherever I end up in a later post.  This weekend is gonna be interesting!

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