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Student Ministry Newsletter- October 2008

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Due to popular demand, I will begin posting my Aloha Church of God student ministry newsletters on this blog (whenever practical). It fires me up to see how God is working in the lives of these young people. Please join me in supporting these students through prayer and encouragement as they seek after God's own heart.

Aloha Church of God Student Ministry Newsletter - October 2008

We would like to officially welcome Eleanor Buckles into our student ministry. She is now in 7th grade and already fits right in with our group.Eleanor is revealed.JPG

Another thing we are excited about is the arrival of Pastor Tim on October 12th!Pastor Tim.JPG

When he and Janelle visited Aloha in early September, we also got the privilege of meeting Ben and Will. Both boys joined us on Saturday, September 6th to hike up Multnomah Falls with Brandon, Allen, Eleanor, and Alissa. While at the top, Allen almost had a chipmunk eating peanuts out of his hand. Top of M Falls.JPG
IMG_0089.JPGIt was fun getting to know Ben and Will and we are so happy that they will soon be part of our student ministry.

Our annual See You at the Pole prayer gathering took place on Wednesday, Sept 24th this year. SYATP is observed at high school campuses nationwide on the fourth Wednesday morning of every September. Aloha High School senior Kevin Gade met at his campus' flagpole at 7 a.m. with Garth and about 30 AHS students to pray for their school, community, and nation. With curious onlookers gawking, student leaders from various local churches read Scripture, shared, and cried out passionately to God. SYATP.JPG
Our church followed up with a pizza party outreach that evening.

"Speak, for your servant is listening" (1 Samuel 3:10) was this year's theme for See You at the Pole. This month, our Bible studies have examined the lives of two men who had this attitude. Nehemiah, a prophet called by God, came before the Lord in prayer before even asking for help in building the wall of Jerusalem. Haggai also listened to God's instructions before undertaking the major remodeling the Lord's temple.

Both of these men listened to God first, and then acted on His word to them. Our students kept this in mind as we removed weeds around the church during one of our Wednesday night sessions. Weeding1.JPG
May we all listen for God's call, and then be quick to obey!

By the way, here is a bonus pic not included in our church newsletter. IMG_0113.JPG
After a time of reflection, our students dipped their sins into a bowl of liquid that symbolized the blood of Christ. Our sins have been washed away!

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