Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Student Ministry Newsletter- November 2008

Aloha Church of God Student Ministry Newsletter - November 2008

Those involved in our student ministry had many opportunities to live out their obedience to God in October. It was inspiring to witness people trying something different, stepping up to the plate to serve.

During the week that youth pastors Garth and Kathy traveled to Uruguay and Argentina, adult volunteer Wendy took the helm. After teaching Sunday school all by herself, Wendy coordinated the Wednesday follow up to the previous week's pop can drive fundraiser. So many students showed up that we ran out of seats, even with drivers Wendy, her son, and Sharon!


The next week, Aloha High School seniors Alissa and Kevin recruited students and adults to participate in a tentatively named "drama club." The initial meeting was well attended (not everyone was present when this photo was taken), with some future thespians ready to use their gifts to glorify God. We are hoping to see wonderful and entertaining presentations from this group in the coming months!


Last but definitely not least, AHS graduate Michelle followed up her heartwarming August testimony from International Youth Convention with her decision to be baptized by Garth and Kathy in October. Michelle's spiritual growth has been evident throughout all of the years that we've known her, and her obedience to God's Word was displayed yet again through her willingness to share with the student group about her baptism experience.


Much else could be said about our student ministry's increase in numbers (our turnout was obviously a bit smaller on this night),

our wild outreach events (such as following Scriptural clues through a frightening but tasteful "haunted" corn maze), and the intensified involvement of other emerging student leaders. But know this: God is actively transforming the lives of our church's young people.

In Christ,

Youth Pastors Garth and Kathy Hamilton

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