Monday, November 24, 2008

Student Ministry Newsletter- December 2008

Student Ministry Newsletter

December 2008


Knight Life weekend at Warner Pacific College this year featured the WPC drama production of "Marvin's Room." ACOG graduates Alex Bates and Lindsay Adams (pictured, sitting) were involved in the play, with Alex on the set-up crew and Lindsay giving a terrific "you'll love to hate her" final performance as a selfish, vindictive mother. Garth and Kathy took a few students to Knight Life on Friday night and were treated to a free dinner and admission tickets. Thanks, Warner Pacific!


Aloha High School's own irreverent production of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged" had the audience rolling in the aisles in laughter. Students Kevin Gade, Alissa Degman, Kenny Degman, and John Nightingale stood out in a talented cast that brought out a decidedly memorable interpretation of the Bard's classic works.


Our Bible studies have been focusing on the community of the kingdom of God. Each of our sessions have dealt with a different aspect of God's kingdom as it historically developed through Christ's example and teachings. The "upside down" nature of God's kingdom is what sets the church apart from any earthly kingdom. Any greatness that we have as Christians depends on our submission to Christ's authority and our service to others.

Have a merry Christmas!

Youth Pastors Garth and Kathy

P.S. For you blog fans, I have made a few more of my Flickr ministry pictures public:

Garth off-roading with some students at Brown's Camp

Eleanor, Kenny, Kevin, and Juana attacking a hockey puck

Sibling rivalry: Buckle vs. Buckle

Sibling rivalry: Gade vs. Gade

Juana and Brandon... Awww, how sweet!

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