Tuesday, January 11, 2011

E.P.I.C. Student Ministry Newsletter- Jan 2011

Do you ever feel you're like you're not good enough, or righteous enough, to be of any use to God? Jacob, son of Isaac, is a great example of someone who was deeply flawed and yet was promised great things by the Lord. IMG_7361.JPG Learning about Jacob's life has provided our middle and high school students an opportunity to experience God as He reveals Himself to us in the Bible: a keeper of promises, a designer of perfect plans, and One who loves us unconditionally. Here are a few fun ministry highlights from the last couple months:

Our annual E.P.I.C. Christmas party at Garth and Kathy's house

IMG_7356.JPG Freeze!

Pizza and Playstation 3 at Garth & Kathy's house

Patrick and Jackie (pictured with Ben and Will's mom, Janelle) portraying Joseph and Mary in our church's annual Christmas Extravaganza

IMG_7367.JPG Two wonderful student plays from our Aloha High School students: "Reckless," and "The Uninvited."

Happy New Year!
Youth Pastors Garth and Kathy Hamilton

Here are a few bonus pics for this online version:

IMG_7364.JPG Cheering for the Aloha High School Warriors, who captured the Oregon 6A State Football Championship 34-13!

Student pile-ups on Wednesday night

IMG_7296_edited-1.JPG Ben making his debut as the service "flow person" in Big Church

Rocking out to the "Nothing and Everything" tour with Disciple, Red, Brian "Head" Welch, and Silverline (concert photos by Cameron Heilman)

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