Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mike and Summer’s Wedding

As promised last month, I'm posting a few photos from October of my little sister's and new brother-in-law's wedding at First Church of God, Vancouver. Any picture with the initials "MM" following it has been contributed by wedding photographer Moneey Munni.

IMG_7985.jpg (MM)
IMG_7932.jpg(MM) I love this pic of me and Girl before the wedding!

P1000033.JPG (Photo by Lora Eason) I was honored to offer up the opening prayer as Bo walked Summer down the aisle…

IMG_7044_edited-1.JPG…and then the ceremony kept getting better and better!

Here's a great argument against using Photoshop's "Quick Edit" function (I rarely touch up my photos at all): This edited version looks like a vintage wedding photo from the 1970s! Bring on the leisure suits and mustaches.

IMG_8309.jpg (MM)
Afterwards, we all danced up a storm during the wedding reception at the Lupke Center.

IMG_7087.JPG And the honeymooners are off to Cancun! Introducing… Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sorensen!!

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