Monday, February 28, 2011

London with Bo, Part 1

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Last weekend, my dad and I picked London for this week’s quick getaway. Flying standby has its risks, and we were bumped off of our oversold flight to Atlanta last night. After spending the night at my parents’ house in Vancouver, we flew out to New York’s JFK airport this morning to catch our connection to London.

An hour before touching down in here in JFK, our pilot was warned by planes all around us that there was severe turbulence in our path. It turns out that the worst of the rough air was already behind us. I wasn’t worried either way… I had my netbook, my music, and a provocative MP3 message from Mark Driscoll to divert my mind. And as always, prayer was a big part of the equation.

Our layover here in New York should be brief. The novelty of ordering Panini sandwiches with our own in-table iPad (see photo) at an airport restaurant was pretty cool, and I was able to charge my gadgets and call home to Kathy to chat about our soon to be born baby.

Bo and I are hoping to snag seats in Business Elite Class on the London flight. If not, the next flight for London departs two hours later. Good things come to those who wait.

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