Friday, March 11, 2011

E.P.I.C. Student Ministry Newsletter- Mar ‘11

God entering this world in human form, as Jesus Christ, is the most wonderful and profound mystery since the beginning of time. This past month, teachings during our E.P.I.C. student ministry sessions have focused on the reality and meaning of the Incarnation. We have wrestled with understanding Christ as the image of the invisible God, as the light of the world who shines through us, and as the eternal Word of God who lives in us. Thank God for revealing Himself to us through Christ! Here are some of the past month's E.P.I.C. ministry highlights:

IMG_7557.JPG Selling cookies and roses for our Valentine's Day fundraiser—a huge thank you goes out to Bales Thriftway for donating the roses!

IMG_7575.JPGIMG_7569.JPG The annual E.P.I.C. Superbowl party at Garth and Kathy's house

Blindfolded cottonball relay- Students stumble around in darkness to illustrate their need for the Light.

IMG_7612.JPG Students scramble their own introductions in an attempt to confuse the group.

IMG_7585_edited-1.JPG Graduate Rosemary Buckles (in the front row) sings in the choir at Warner Pacific College's Homecoming Weekend.

imagejpeg_2_5 And, last but definitely not least, announcing Garth and Kathy's pregnancy! We're due on September 7th!

In Christ,
Youth Pastors Garth and Kathy Hamilton

Here are a few extra photos:

IMG_7555.JPG Graduate Alex Bates excitedly rushes into the youth room to hand us our first early baby shower present.

Battling it out with the Playstation Move motion controller at Garth and Kathy's house

IMG_7560.JPG The Gade brothers demonstrate their leadership skills during Scout Sunday

IMG_7549.JPG Playing "Steal the Bacon," football-style, in honor of Superbowl week

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