Friday, February 4, 2011

E.P.I.C. Student Ministry Newsletter- Feb 2011

As Christians, we have been called to fulfill a mission. God calls us to help Him save His lost children. Most of us can easily think of at least three people who don't know the love of Christ, even within our sphere of people with which we share influence. For the past month, our middle and high school E.P.I.C. students have made an commitment two focus on three people who don't know Christ, pray for them six times a week, and miss zero opportunities to plant, water, or fertilize a spiritual seed.

Here are a few other things we've been up to recently:

Studying the life of Joseph in our Sunday morning E.P.I.C. sessions

IMG_7442_edited-1.JPGPraying for Ben as he prepared to leave for Virginia to attend Liberty University

Hanging out at Wendy's over Christmas break

IMG_7476.JPGIMG_7485.JPGIMG_7507_edited-1.JPG Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus shaving cream beard competition

Appreciating Wendy: The world's best volunteer youth leader!

In Christ, Youth Pastor Garth and Kathy Hamilton

P.S. Don't forget to order your cookies and roses for our Valentine's Day cookie fundraiser!

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