Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not a Murmur

IMAG1661.jpg by gkhamilton
IMAG1661.jpg, a photo by gkhamilton on Flickr.

Daddy and Lena try out a few more urban hiking trails together. The air was chilly that morning, so we both stayed close to home.

Not many people know this, but baby Lena was diagnosed with a heart murmur during her two month checkup. Thankfully, the latest news broke last Friday: the doc told Kathy that all signs of the heart murmur have disappeared!

Our 15 lb. 4 oz. daughter is already 25 ¾ inches long, easily ensuring her place in the 95th percentile of 4 month old babies in the U.S., length wise AND weight wise. She’s a lot of baby to love, and we’ve got a lot of love for her.

IMAG1599.jpg Hopefully, Lena won’t inherit Daddy’s appetite. The last thing I want to do is pick up ANOTHER side job to cover the resulting grocery bills.

Lena and I savored some more Daddy-daughter time together this past week. IMAG1627.jpgIMAG1657.jpg On Wednesday alone, the two of us managed to squeeze in a few frosted urban trails in Washington County, a bodily torture session at L.A. Fitness, lunch, and tons of other running around… all before our E.P.I.C. student ministry shindig that night.

I’ll let Lena have the last word:

Hit the “Play” button above for last week’s short video clip of Lena cooing and yelping herself into an inevitable quick grin.

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