Saturday, March 24, 2012

Six Months of Lena

DSC_0808.JPG by gkhamilton
DSC_0808.JPG, a photo by gkhamilton on Flickr.

While others were springing forward for Daylight Savings Time last week, we were falling back on the six months of precious memories we’ve had since Lena's birth on 9/10/11 (link). Our baby girl has grown in size, physical ability and adorability.

Speaking of abilities, Lena has been building quite the resume lately. DSC_0846.JPG Although Lena loudly objected to hopping into the new Kelty baby hiking backpack that I got from R.E.I. this week, her hardcore training regimen has unleashed an astonishing array of other super-infant feats.

Here are just a few examples:

DSC_0777.JPGHolding her own bottle and learning to tilt it up to drink more baby formula

Stepping it up from milk and formula to formula mixed with cerealDSC_0831.JPG

Hit the "Play" button above for a video clip from Lena's very first attempt at swallowing formula mixed with cereal, before things got really messy

DSC_0821.JPGLifting up her head, strengthening her neck, and trying to roll over on her own

DSC_0860.JPG Recreating the Rocky IV training montage in the late March snow this week, complete with Lena’s fierce wood-saw wielding, tree chopping, and log hauling drills

Cranking out some cardio training in the living room when the weather got too nasty outside

Jab the “Play” button above for a fun video of Lena returning home from vacation to wiggle, kick, sneeze, and make baby sounds to Needtobreathe's "I Won't Run."

And lastly, fighting her first head cold… We’re actually not laughing about this one. It breaks my heart to see my little 6 month old baby girl go 12 rounds with the oogies. But those sniffles are no match for Lena.

No one puts Baby in a corner!

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