Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break in the Low Countries- Amsterdam

The train whistle blew as my dad and I scuttled down the escalator from Amsterdam airport to the tracks downstairs. Our train from Amsterdam to Brussels was just pulling away from the platform as I ran out and reached for the closing doors. So close.

IMG_3925.JPGWe’ve been lounging in Delta’s Airbus A330 Business Elite cabin for the past 9+ hours during our flight from Portland to Amsterdam, so waiting an extra hour for the next train to Belgium is no big deal. We’re back in Europe, and pumped to start our ultra-quick sampling of the Benelux countries. The next train should be here any time now. All aboard!

Overheard at the ticket booth in Amsterdam:

Sincere American Tourist: Is that the cost in dollars?
Stern Dutch Clerk: No, that is the cost in Euros. This is Europe.

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