Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Milan Epilogue

My Russian friend Ravil' Sadreev snapped this photo of me and added it to his blog in New York's JFK airport on my way home from Milan, Italy.  Photo credit:  http://www.innerlight.ru/index.php?option=com_easyblog&view=entry&id=15&Itemid=198&lang=ru

Can't get enough of my quick trip to Switzerland and Italy (links)?  Well, here's an unscheduled blog post about one of my typical, comfy cozy trips back home to the US:

Train from Milan:  Dog tired but undeterred by a late-ish night out and a morning sucker punch to the wallet (read: money clip... I'm old school like that) by the Milan Hostel Emmy, I chased down the earliest train to the airport possible.

Milan Malpensa airport:  Leave it to creative Italian airport designers to transform a bare, darkened foyer into a futuristic looking laser tag arena.  It's kind of awkward when you're the only passenger who wants to play laser tag, though.

Even with all of the morning's hurdles, I checked in at the Milan airport with time to chill.  As usual, I was seated in the cushy Business Elite cabin for the flight back to the U.S.  I am so thankful for my job at Delta Airlines!

JFK Airport:  In New York, Ravil' Sadreev and I killed a few hours as he traveled from Russia to San Francisco.  We talked about everything from surfing the world's oceans to Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina (film vs. the novel).  His photo of me is at the top of this post, and this is my half of our photographic "Mexican stand-off":

I can't wait for Ravil' to visit the Northwest so I can teach him how to surf some waves!  Check out Ravil's blog at http://www.innerlight.ru/index.php?option=com_easyblog&view=entry&id=15&Itemid=198&lang=ru for his side of our story (in Russian) and his long shot of me below:

Ravil's caption: The deserted cafe. A lone companion. And the endless talk about the waves of our own happiness. New York. USA. March - 2013.

Home:  While I was overseas for the weekend, nearly 18 month old Lena returned home from Salem and discovered a creative use for my boxers.  Not just any baby can pull off the Middle Eastern headdress look, but Lena rocks the hijab with style!

Coming Thursday night on Garth's Blog...

Photos from the journey of Lena learning to walk!!

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