Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day Tribute to Kathy

Before we get started with this Mother's Day blog tribute... Thank you so much, Kathy, for leaving Lena at home with me this weekend.  It sounds like you girls had a great time at the beach.  Lena and I had non-stop fun during our Daddy-Daughter time here at home!

Getting a little crazy at home while Mommy plays at the beach

With a Mommy like Kathy, our baby Lena is the luckiest 20 month old in the world!

Lena and I spent last weekend honoring Kathy with the expected 18-stem rose bouquet, dinner, gifts and Mother’s Day card (from Lena, of course).  One thing I’m just now getting around to, however, is publicly celebrating the qualities that make Kathy such a knock-out Mommy!

Judging by these (mostly) previously unreleased Mommy-baby photos, it’s obvious that Kathy is…


A Mommy who relaxes at home with Lena


A Mommy who also takes Lena outside to splash around in the pool


A Mommy who is always working hard

A Mommy who shows off Lena at every restaurant


A Mommy who plays with Lena on the beach while Daddy surfs


A Mommy who occasionally dons Daddy’s baby backpack to join Lena and Daddy for their hikes

A Mommy who swings with Lena at the park

A Mommy who steers Lena through the maze of big kids after church (This pic could have been included in last week's "Lena Gets Moving" blog post!)


A Mommy who fosters Lena’s love of flowers and plant life…


…and also her love of animals!

A Mommy who helps Lena make new friends… like Reagan!



A Mommy who brings Lena to PDX Airport to visit Daddy at work


A Mommy who makes Lena aware of human need and global missions (pictured above at the WPC Homecoming missions benefit dinner)


And a Mommy who rocks Lena to sleep when she needs rest.

Of course, things aren’t fun and rosy 100% of the time...

I just couldn’t resist including this hilarious pic of Lena scowling at Mommy during Daddy’s birthday weekend hike!

….But no matter what, Kathy is a Mommy who shows her love to Lena with every moment that they spend together!

We may have officially celebrated last weekend, but it’s never too late to keep wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day, Kathy!!  You’re the best!

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