Wednesday, September 11, 2013

No pics? Blame the F word.

Hi friends!  Garth's Blog is having technical difficulties.  Thanks for your patience.  The narrative and photos from my "Pt. 2" conclusion to last week's skydiving weekend post has been completed and ready to publish here for quite a while now.  However, Flickr continues to hold my unreleased "private" photos hostage.  For shame!

Lame tech-y details:  Many, but not even close to all, of the older photos you saw on Garth's Blog in the past were actually hosted on my Flickr page.  In order for any of the Flickr photos to appear here, I needed to change their individual privacy settings to "public."  Recently, a bug on the Flickr website (no, not the updated, infamously slow-loading Flickr redesign that launched in May) has stopped allowing me to do that.  The problem has already been noted on the Flickr help forums.  Your move, Flickr.

[2:50 p.m. update: Problem fixed!  But not before being unexpectedly (incident removed- I regret not using better judgment when I hastily posted this update.  Although I stand behind my original comments that the angry Flickr forum user who attacked me could use a hug)).    Gotta love the strange, intimidating world of internet forums!]

In the meantime, join me by releasing a frustrated scream of solidarity... and enjoy the stories from my previous post:  Skydiving!  A birthday throwback, Pt. 1.  I'll probably switch back to uploading my photos to BlogSpot directly for future posts, cutting Flickr out of the loop again.  Still love that site, but lesson learned.

Coming YESTERDAY on Garth’s Blog…

Our skydiving birthday throwback continues--



--with rock wall climbing, hiking, go carting, laser tag, worshiping, dancing, partying, and more!

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