Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Video: Twerking 9 to 5

Twerking for a living?

I've resisted clicking on this outspoken video response to Miley Cyrus' controversial performance at the VMA's all week, despite it's persistent badgering in my Facebook newsfeed.  Turns out it's well worth checking out, and the good stuff begins at 0:36.

I'm not really into the potential victim-blaming and "public shaming" aspects of Jae Tracie's rant, but it's encouraging to hear from a woman who doesn't confuse self-worth with cheap sexual provocation.  A woman who respects herself enough to call for class, restraint. and reasonable modesty certainly stands out among the masses.  Isn't that a good and noble thing?

And guys (I do have male readers, right?):  Are we letting women know that we value them as more than mere objects for our own gratification?  Are you single fellas choosing to be true gentleman by encouraging the ladies to respect their own bodies?

And do we married dudes make a conscious, daily effort to have eyes only for our wives?  Are we showing our precious wives that we value them for their whole being-- emotional, spiritual, physical, mental, AND sexual?

It's safe to assume that many of us (myself included) could use help adjusting our casual attitudes towards sexuality, both guys and gals.  So...  Ladies: Keep it classy.  Fellas: Let's work together to end the uncaring, misogynist objectification of women.

Oh, and in case you didn't read the BIG NEWS on my blog last week... Kathy and I are having a baby boy in January!!

Coming tomorrow night on Garth's Blog...


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