Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dude (Looks Like a Baby): We're having a boy!!

Dude (Looks like a baby)!  Aerosmith references aside... Lovin' an Elevator, anyone?... Kathy and I are thrilled to discover the chromosomal make up of our baby!!

The suspense is over.  Lena is gonna have a little baby brother!!  Kathy and I had our gender reveal appointment this afternoon, and we couldn’t be happier.

No matter what the gender, our uncontrollable love for the tiniest Hamilton has been consuming us from day one.  But we are soooo excited to find out that he is a boy!

The soon-to-be proud mama of a boy!  Actually, We're ALREADY proud of him!

My days of being outnumbered by girls in our house are over.  And our treasured little 23 month old Lena is going to find out the exciting news tomorrow, when we're all home together!

In the meantime, both Lena and her soon-to-be baby brother are available for drafting into the fantasy co-ed soccer team of your choice.  Starting in January, we’re gonna having another winning season on our hands!

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