Wednesday, August 14, 2013

E.P.I.C. Class of 2012/ Mexico mission update

From August 1 (New photos and video added August 14!):

First of all, a late congratulation to our Class of 2013 graduates: Allen Buckles and Will Irwin!!  Our church family got a kick out of watching the slideshow prepared in your honor last month.   The video is embedded below:

Crank up the volume, go full-screen, and hit the “play” button above for a fast-paced slideshow of our favorite ministry moments featuring graduates Allen Buckles and Will Irwin!

In other big ministry news, we leave for our Mexico mission trip tomorrow!  We’re heading for Vicente Guerrero to build a house with Welcome Home Outreach Ministries.  Check out our previous E.P.I.C. Student Ministry Update for more details!

Fundraising at the Washington County Fair:

The Mexico mission leadership team and students Patricia and Katie sold soft drinks at the fair to raise money for next year’s trip.  We had about 50 volunteers from AChoG and the preschool working last weekend!

Our two Mexico groups meet at last:

We mixed it up at Godfather’s Pizza with our to-be Mexico mission partners from Tigard Church of God.  We leave together for Vicente Guerrero, Mexico tomorrow!

And here are a few bonus pics from the last few months:

Volunteers Wendy and Sharon organized a couple of after-school dinner outreach events.

A few of us anxiously awaited for neighborhood students to arrive!

Our missionaries from Micronesia, Gary and Gwen Bistritan, stopped by Aloha Church of God to share about the school they founded on the island of Yap.

Too bad I didn’t think about visiting Gary and Gwen (or Ed and Jan Cogar!) when I got stuck in Guam earlier this year.  Yes, my Osaka/Micronesia travelogue will continue here on Garth’s Blog soon!

And finally... An explosive ending to our county fair fundraiser:

I tweeted this pic of fireworks booming in my rear-view mirror as we waited in line to exit the fairgrounds, with the Jeep's soft top down.

Coming on next month's E.P.I.C. Student Ministry Update…

Our mission trip to Vicente Guerrero, Mexico!

...And coming up on Garth’s Blog…

Birthday Skydiving!

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