Saturday, August 24, 2013

Blog changes- New Twitter feed and more

Don't fear change.

The growing traffic on Garth's Blog puts my anemic following on Twitter to shame.  Ever since I joined Twitter last November (link), my longer form entries here continue to entertain a much larger audience than my sporadic contributions to Twitter's self-proclaimed "micro-blogging" platform.  Not that I mind.  Hey, I'm just glad so many readers have discovered this blog!

But if any of you readers have a hankering to scroll through my occasional tweets without becoming a Twitter follower, I've created an easy way for you to do that:   My Twitter feed is now embedded on the right side of this page, just above the Blog Archive of monthly links to my previous blog posts.  Alternately, anyone who is already on Twitter can click the "Follow @garth_hamilton" button directly above the feed.  But you already knew that.

Above the new Twitter feed, the other website change this week is the addition of the "Share It" buttons to recommend any of my blog posts on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

So what what do you think?  Since these "share" buttons are already on the bottom of each post, is this overkill?  Does the added Twitter feed help pass the time while waiting for my next blog post to drop?

Or is the new layout too cluttered, bringing back head-throbbing memories of staggering away from the sensory overload of a noisy Las Vegas casino? Or worse, from an old MySpace page?

Feel free to toss me your feedback either in the post a comment section below, via your favorite social platform, or the next time you run into Kathy and I grooving away at a local Americana/folk music festival.

Here's a random photo of Lena crushing Daddy's ear before we dropped her off at the Eason grandparents' house, prior to leaving for this month's Mexico mission trip:

Coming Tuesday on Garth’s Blog…

Our baby's gender is revealed!!

And then...


Last year’s birthday skydiving!

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