Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Game Over

After the above photo was included in last month's “Father's Day Photos: The Outtakes” post (link), many readers were left wondering how a grown man gets PWND by a 21 month old girl while attempting to play a video game.  Or why a grown man plays video games at all.

Physical activity almost always trumps gaming, so that second question barely applies to a non-gamer like me.  Yet I AM a youth pastor, after all, with students and grads who love to come over and game with me. Only once in a blue moon do I actually use my Playstation 3 for video games, sans students, other than an occasional session of mixed martial arts with the UFC Personal Trainer MMA workout.

But every now and then, a busy guy like me needs a break.

I often aspire to sit down and play a video game, but rarely do I take the time make that happen.  On those rare occasions, Lena often has a different plan for my attention:

The Takedown

"Oh no you don't, Daddy!"

The Victory

"And STAY down!"

The Happy Aftermath

"Well, time to head back outside and play!"

These days, pretty much any alternate activity overrides my determination to play video games.  And especially with the irresistible Lena in the house, our Playstation 3 is all but guaranteed to retain its "lightly used" status.


By the way, if you already own a Playstation 3 system, here's a disposable and biased opinion from this blogger/non-gamer:  The cinematic Uncharted series is the greatest action franchise of all time.  Period.

After Super Mario Bros, of course.

Coming next on Garth's Blog...

One last E.P.I.C. Student Ministry Update before our mission trip!

(If not, I'll post it when we get back from Mexico)

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