Saturday, June 29, 2013

Father's Day photos- The Outtakes

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Father's Day then:  Last year on my first Father's Day, I opened up my card and presents on the floor with 9 month old Lena after church...

...And Father's Day now: Last Sunday, our family honored Bo and I to a Father's Day lunch at Famous Dave's Barbecue.  Lena is 21 1/2 months old!

Father's Day may have been last week, but celebrating the joys of fatherhood never ends!  Some photos were recently added to last week's popular Father's Day week photo spectacular post (link).  However, a few readers have let me know that they are still clamoring for us to unlock a few more.

By popular demand, here are some all new, less-then-perfect Daddy-Daughter moments that didn't make the cut last week:

Can Daddy have a moment every now and then to play a quick PS3 video game?  "I don't think so, Daddy!"

Daddy and Lena are both working through issues:

Lena's still trying to kick the habit of pulling down Daddy's hat whenever it's within her reach...


...But then again, Daddy could stand to be a bit more cautious when backpacking with Lena in her baby pack!

And remember last week's photo of Lena pulling back the shower curtain on Daddy?  Here's another one from a different morning:
Lena still does that, leaving a wet, soapy Daddy to wrestle the shower curtain away from her AND resist her pleas for hugs!

For better or worse, Kathy and I agree that Lena is definitely a daddy’s girl.  Sometimes Lena gets so distracted by Daddy that we can't even get her to look at the camera!  For example...

There were so many of these photos to choose from, but these pics gave us the most warm fuzzies:

4 month old Lena looks lovingly at Daddy after being babysat by Grandma Susan (patiently trying to make Lena look at the camera) during a night out on the town

Lena looking at Daddy instead of the camera on the airplane...

...And at Brandon England's SST high school graduation...

DSC_0284 (2)_edited-1
...And while saying goodbye to Daddy’s “No Shave November” beard

No matter which direction Lena's eyes are looking, we know that Lena's heart is full of love for God and her adoring parents.

And that makes me one happy Daddy!

Coming next week on Garth's Blog...

Camping and hiking in the Olympic Mountains!!

And later...

Part 3- Japan: Deer maulings and a Golden Week festival in Nara!

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