Thursday, July 4, 2013

Breaking News: We're pregnant again!!

The cat’s out of the bag!  Baby #2 is on the way!!

The newest baby Hamilton is doing some freestyle tricks in the womb!

Our “positive” test on May 15 was déjà vu all over again.  As with 22 month old Lena, we were both astonished and thankful for how quickly this happened.   We feel so blessed!!

An ecstatic Mommy and Daddy get their first glimpse of the newest family member!

Baby #2’s E.T.A. is January 10, 2014.  One of us apparently works in the airline industry.  Until then, we’ll keep everyone posted on our upcoming baby news!

Coming this weekend on Garth's Blog...

Camping and hiking in the Olympic Mountains!

And next week...

Lena's 1st visit to Enchanted Forest!

And later...

Part 3 from Japan: Deer maulings and a Golden Week festival in Nara!

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