Monday, April 14, 2014

Video: Winter beard-fest

No one looks forward to the month of No Shave November more than my wife Kathy.  Including me.  Since I'm not a fan of sporting facial hair at all, I oblige her pleas for "scruffing material" a few times a year--  during select overseas trips, and right after Halloween.

After returning from my most recent visit to northern Italy in the fall (link), I used my friend visits to the Netherlands, central Italy, and other quick year's end getaways to grow out what would become an unprecedented full winter beard.

The beard is long gone now (depending on whether or not my latest casting calls/ video auditions call for stubble, anyways).

A more current, beardless pic from last month

The January night that my beard became one with the earth was a happy occasion, but only for me.

The rest of the fam didn't take it so well:

Lena isn't happy to say goodbye to Daddy's beard, painstakingly compressed for this pic.

Stage 1:  Trimming it back a little

Baby Levi refused to be consoled, even though the beard shaving process had only begun.

We had a little fun with it on Vine, though.  For anyone who isn't able to access my oft neglected Vine page, here's the embedded video:

Silent sneeze? Click the upper left of the video screen for audio

But cheer up, beard fans.  November is only 6 1/2 months away.  And our next overseas trip is always just around the corner!

Coming up on Garth's Blog...

We're getting back into it next week with some photos of frolicking in the snow,
followed later by recent tales from overseas, 
and then last weekend's harrowing adventure on the trails!

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