Saturday, April 5, 2014

More photos: Newborn baby Levi gets out

Thanks for indulging my World Vision and same-sex marriage rant/encouragement detour post (link) last week, everyone. We're lightening things back up with this follow-up to last week's Levi's First Week Alive photos!

Here are more very early Levi pics, beginning with our baby boy at five days old:

Levi's first time on the town

What kid doesn't love grocery shopping? Yeah, that would probably be most kids. But Lena and Levi didn't seem to mind marking their first day on the town together by running errands.

Sonic Burgers after WinCo

Levi's first post-hospital checkup

Following Levi's publicity tour among Kathy's co-workers, Lena masters the stairs as we leave the Portland Clinic.

Bumping into friends at Stir Crazy Kitchen

Thanks to Bryan and Ruth for the pic!

Throwback bonus trivia:  2 1/2 years ago, big sister Lena's first outing was also a fast food joint...

IMG_1_0035.jpg Five Guys Burgers and Fries, when baby Lena was only five days old!

Home-delivered meals from our church family

Marva was one of many friends from Aloha Church of God who prepared and dropped off delicious food at our home that week.

Visits from the grandparents

Adoring Levi and opening baby gifts with Papa and Mimi

Reading with Grandma Su-Su

Levi's first hike

11 days old, and baby Levi was already out on the trails! The nearby Noble Woods Park was where it all began, and Levi has been out in the wild plenty of times since then.

More recent hiking pics with Lena, Levi, and friends in the U.S. and overseas are coming soon!

When posting that last hiking photo on Facebook, my hypothetical question went out to everyone, "Who takes a newborn baby on a hike?"

Our friend Mary's response:  More like, "Who hikes after giving birth?!"

Good point, Mary.  Kathy is the one who endured the birthing process, nurses Levi, reads to Lena, works hard to keep the household under control while I'm at work, and does more things around the house than I could ever mention.  And this week, Kathy ended her maternity leave and returned to part-time work herself!

Before Levi's birth on January 15, we already had a loving family that included a wonderful wife/mommy and the most adorable little girl on the planet.   Baby Levi was and is the perfect addition!

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