Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Photos: Baby Levi's first week alive

Jumping ahead:  A more recent pic of the newly expanded Hamilton 4.

Levi's first Sunday at Aloha Church of God:  Daddy, Peggy, Aunt Jamie, and Larry proudly admire the newest Hamilton, four days old.

This photo dump from January is yet another "catch-up" post. So many blog-worthy adventures have happened recently... but those can wait until after we share a few moments from our baby boy Levi's first week in this world.

Here are some pics:

Grandma and Grandpa Eason capture the moment as Lena excitedly reaches out to hold baby Levi, for her first time ever.

Note:  See Part 3 of my "Birth of Levi" posts from a few weeks ago for more precious photos from their initial sister/brother meeting!

Levi's first night at home

Lena holds her new baby brother

Outtake:  He's mine!

Uncle Mike and Aunt Summer finally meet their 2 day old nephew

Levi's first breakfast with the family

Grandpa Bo plays with his two grandkids

Levi's first Sunday morning in church

Our church family gets their first peek at Levi, four days old.

"I love it that it's Levi's first Sunday to be alive, and he's in church."
-Pastor Tim, from the pulpit

"YOU sing, Daddy!"
-Lena, trying to steal the spotlight after church... and then wanting to hand it off.

Coming next week on Garth's Blog...

More never before seen Levi photos:

Showing off Levi around town, visits from family and friends, and getting Levi out on the hiking trails!

And coming in April...

Snow play, more outdoor fun, and overseas hijinks!!

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