Monday, March 10, 2014

Update from Ireland

Dublin, Ireland:  St. Patrick's Day celebrations spill out into the streets every night, even the week before.  Watch your step!

The past few days here in Dublin have been refreshing and festive for Kathy and I, but it's time for us to move on.  Kathy just boarded her flight back to New York an hour or so ago.  As a reward for her braveness to fly standby, Kathy will be flying home to the U.S. with a very cushy seat in the front of the plane!

As for myself, I'll soon be right behind her.  Lena and Levi are tugging at my heart!  But I have a quick stop or two to make on this side of the pond before I head home.  I'm over here anyway, right?  Nobody get your hopes up-- those of you in Europe whom I've cancelled visits with this week (circumstances were completely out of our control) will have to hold out a while longer.  As always, it will be worth the wait to see each of you again in your home countries!

Visits were planned for Belgium, Germany, Croatia, Italy, and Switzerland.  We even had some non-refundable bookings.  Being forced to change plans mid-journey isn't always cheap, and we owe some of our overseas friends BIG TIME for their understanding.

So how did we end up here in the U.K. instead?  Not to worry, I've been blogging via my phone about this current trip as we move through it.  I hope to start uploading those Ireland travelogues here as soon as I sort out the pics.

Stay tuned... this adventure ain't over yet!

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