Friday, August 1, 2014

Mount Rainier climb- Still to come!

2 weeks ago: Standing on the summit of Mount Adams, with Mount Rainier over my shoulder

Less than two hours from now, the plan was for us to be breaking camp at midnight near the base of Mount Rainier and beginning our two-day ascent.  But as of this morning, our climb has been postponed until a later weekend.

Significant shifts within our climbing party occurred in past 72 hours, calling for a new plan of attack.  The drastic nature of this new plan requires a special permit in addition to the climbing pass.  Unfortunately, I do not yet meet the qualifications for that special permit.  After such overwhelming anticipation, this news was devastating.

On the bright side, Mount Rainier will be a climb worth waiting for!  I don't usually Tweet or blog about specific dates for upcoming events, but I'll drop some hints as the date gets closer for us to regroup and make another attempt at the climb.

Readers, let's all get outside and play this weekend.  As for me, I'll be taking little Lena (and hopefully Kathy and baby Levi!) hiking on some local trails.

And early next week, I'll be sharing an all-new surfing post!

Thanks for reading.

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