Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Seaside Surfing: Baby Levi, meet the Pacific Ocean

For any readers who missed Saturday's post about our plans to climb Mount Rainier this past weekend, click here (link).

After that devastating disappointment, our replacement family hike Saturday on Mount Hood (near Paradise Park, one of last summer's backpacking trips) was just the salve my heart needed to cheer me up.  Those hiking photos with Lena, Levi, and Kathy will be posted here soon!

Our 6 month old Levi finally saw the ocean with his own eyes a month ago. He may not be popping up on a surfboard just yet, but that day will come soon enough!

Wind speeds of at least 15 knots and some 7 foot swells provided plenty of waves to ride throughout the afternoon.  The slightly stormy weather made for a fun, if a little choppy, day of uncrowded surfing at Seaside.

Though it's a shame that we don't have more photos of Mommy and Levi himself, here are a few pics from Lena and Levi's first ever day at the Oregon Coast together:

Arriving at Seaside, after strapping my surfboard onto our new Honda (New to us, anyway-- Thanks Bo and Vive!)  for the first time

A kiss from Lena before Daddy paddles out

Levi feels the sand in his hands for the first time

Racing Lena back onto dry sand

Surfing lessons-  Lena has the balance!

Lena, Mommy, and Levi wait on the beach for Daddy to surf back to the shore.

Lena is happy as a clam as she pulls her "dog" with a leash...

...But Lena's not so happy when I take away her "dog" and strap it back onto the roof of the car.

And finally, Kathy's friends on Facebook have most likely seen this final pic.  It's one of the most precious photos she has ever taken:

A special Daddy-daughter moment at Seaside's U Street Pub and Eatery, also with Mommy and Levi


Your mama said...

Love this series of photos! It tells the whole story of your family trip to the beach. There are a couple of pictures here you should consider entering in photo contests, since they are so touching.

Garth Hamilton said...

I agree! Kathy captured some amazing shots of us at the coast that day. Photos of those moments with our precious kids are exactly how I remember them.