Monday, January 5, 2015

Honorable mentions: Most popular non-travel posts (Unpublished #1)

Happy New Year!!  Family time, ministry, international traveling, hikes, and climbs in December have kept me too busy to compile my annual Top 10 lists of popular posts for 2014.  Apparently, the end of 2013 was no different!

This is a previously unreleased “Best Of” series from January 2014, based on page views for my 2013 postsI’m obviously stalling for time until my new blog content is ready for next month.  The page hits from 2014 will be tallied soon.  The actual Top 10 list is coming in a few weeks... and the all-travel companion post to this list is coming later this month!

Links to each of the original photo-filled posts are below, in this color.

Before we get to the Top 10 non-travel posts in a couple days, here are a few  honorable mentions which were very popular but just barely missed the list:


For whatever reason, this throwback day-after skydiving post was more popular than the parachuting action photos from Skydiving! A Birthday Throwback, Pt. 1. 


Part. 2 featured photos from my birthday weekend festivities that didn't involve jumping out of a plane:  hiking, rock wall climbing, laser tag, go kart racing, and a Los Lobos concert.

Munra Point: Losing a climb, gaining a 14k frozen trail run

Ironically, this icy #HikingFail along our renamed Not Munra Point Trail was the result of me relying on trail directions from another hiking blogger.  It wouldn't have hurt for us to consult a map as well.

Spoiler alert Shaun and I did finally ascend past Munra Point proper in late 2014, when I led my “Munra Point morning scramble" hiking event for NW Wilderness.

The photos of Lena’s fascination with the animals are wonderful.  But the real highlight is an early video clip of Lena showing off her new walking skills!

A controversial YouTube video inspired this call to the ladies to keep it classy, and for the guys to respect the ladies.

Shaun, Seamus the dog, and I hiked up our favorite steep-y, the one and only Mount Defiance.  Yet again.  Since those skydiving posts were throwbacks to the previous year, this was my official birthday post of 2013. 

And finally...

The final post on this honorable mentions list was a simple plea for typhoon disaster relief, via either Church of God Ministries or Compassion International.  This may be old news to the western world, but the recovery and restoration efforts are still a reality for those living in those areas of the Philippines affected by this natural disaster.

Prayers and financial support for worldwide disaster and poverty relief efforts continue to be appreciated.

Coming later in January...

2014's unpublished post #2-

Top 10: Most popular recent non-travel posts!

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