Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hong Kong hiking awaits

Pic tweeted from Hong Kong yesterday:  Hiking over the Dragon's Back here in Hong Kong, with hang gliders circling below

This post was written from the U.S. Wednesday morning, although I ultimately didn't leave Portland for Hong Kong until Thursday.  Long story... resulting in some disputed hostel charges.

Since I flew home to the U.S. this morning, I can start gathering some pics from yesterday's hiking near Hong Kong.  I'll share the stories and pics here, sometime after our upcoming Hamilton4 family update.  And our next family overseas trip is just around the corner!

From Wednesday:

All checked in for my Portland-Seattle flight, the connecting flight from Seattle to Hong Kong looks wide open, and the Hong Kong Hostel just sent a confirmation of my booking!

This 1 1/2 day standby trip planned for yesterday (Tuesday) was delayed by one day for good reason:  Kathy wasn't feeling well on Monday night. I wasn't even about to leave yesterday morning if there was a chance that she'd still be under the weather. This speedy weekend visit will have a different aim than my goal of checking out the Hong Kong protests (links are this color) last October. This one is all about the hiking.

Hopefully I'll find some Lena and Levi-friendly trails for our next visit!

124 Section 1 Tai Long Sai Wan.jpg
Hiking the Maclehose Trail in Hong Kong; Photo by David Woo on Flickr

Due to a last minute change to fly to Asia instead of hiking with my friend in South America yesterday, my research is sketchy. In typical Garth style, the past hour has been spent hastily downloading maps and copying blurbs of travel info to my Note phone... everything is paperless. And blogs like Hike Hong Kong have also helped to generate some hiking ideas.

On the way home, yet another of my return visits to Argentina may still be on the table!   My friend Sandra who is backpacking through South America and I have been trying to coordinate a quick dayhike that is a bit "closer" to home:  Iguazu Falls, on the border of Argentina and Brazil!

My visa for Brazil has expired, though, and the Argentina departure fee for U.S. citizens is a little tough to swallow. We'll see what happens.

Check back soon for posts about this Hong Kong trip, other travels, and recent hikes and climbs.

But coming next, the most important stuff...

A Hamilton4 family update!

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