Wednesday, March 11, 2015

South Korea: The bumpy road to Seoul

Kathy and I are one overbooked flight away from missing our chance at a South Korean anniversary.  Today's flight from Seattle to Seoul has plenty of Business Elite cabin seats open for standby passengers... except we haven't even reached the Sea-Tac airport yet.

Blog readers who follow our international travelogues (the occasional on-the-record trips, anyway) may remember from December that Kathy and I are no strangers to getting bumped off of South Korea flights.  Who would've thought that our PDX-SEA flight options would be the weak links today?  Both morning flights filled up overnight.  We obviously should've hopped a train to Seattle for this first leg.

Kathy already ruled out visiting a few of my friends in Singapore for this weekend.  Next time, Luisa, Jim, and Heidi!  So if we can't get a seat on this next Seattle flight (and it doesn't look promising) to connect to South Korea, we may fly out later and visit some friends in the U.S. instead.

One flight at a time, baby!

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