Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Back in the U.S. for some Daddy time

Even though last weekend's overseas visit to the United Arab Emirates only lasted 26 hours (Dubai travelogue to be published soon), I missed Lena and Levi so much.  I can't wait to start traveling internationally with both of those little Ls, as soon as Mommy gives us the green light!

At the moment, it's just Levi and me here at home.  Soon, I'll be picking up Lena from preschool.  Both Ls will be together with me at the house.  These are the days I love.

These are the two precious children I love.

Running with Daddy

For whom the bell tolls

Also, for those of you who missed Levi's big day last month...

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Opening late Christmas presents (so Lena doesn't feel left out)

And finally...

Vine video:  Light up that "unmute" button to hear audio of Levi puffing out his birthday candles.

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