Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Gonna Be a Girl!!

Bonus: This weekend, I've added additional photos, stories, and video to my four previous Blogspot posts (not even including our baby's heartbeat video, to be added tomorrow). Cheers!
IMG_0003_20weeks.jpg by gkhamilton
IMG_0003_20weeks.jpg, a photo by gkhamilton on Flickr.
By the end of April, Kathy and I had waited over four months for what the sonogram picture above revealed: We’re gonna have a baby girl!!

Just the thought of being able to hold her in my arms is enough to make me yearn for September 7th to come early. If you look closely, you can see her holding up tiny hands next to her head. Adorable!

IMAG0230.jpg We made it through Easter Sunday without knowing her gender, but the joyful truth came out the following Tuesday.

IMG_0005_20weeks.jpg After the gender reveal, this was another one of our favorite sonogram photos, back from Week 20. Her little feet are forming perfectly... we can already imagine them kicking around those soccer balls.

IMAG0247.jpg We celebrated the next evening at Baskin Robbins, after we wrapped up our E.P.I.C. student ministry session at church. The big B.R. was having their annual $.31 scoop day. Call us big spenders, but for big occasions like this you just have to splurge.

We only have 10 weeks of pregnancy left, but my wife Kathy is still getting out and staying active:

IMAG0575.jpg She’s still working at the Portland Clinic…

IMAG0613.jpg IMAG0618.jpgShe’s still hiking

IMAG0833.jpgShe’s still coming along with me for live music and events (See last month's May 30 Blogspot post at for stories, pictures and a video from our recent Portland Timbers game on Kathy's birthday weekend. She had no idea that we were going!)

IMAG0791.jpg IMAG0155.jpg IMAG0799.jpg ….And she’s still staying beautiful!

Here’s a fun story that happened on the Jeep drive home from that short Horsetail Falls hike, pictured above:
IMAG0626.jpg Kathy requested a quick rest stop at Multnomah Falls. Bored, I started browsing through the various name-engraved products in the gift shop while waiting, in search of inspiration for baby names. Kathy eventually walked in to find that all three employees had joined me on the impromptu name hunt!

So, did we finally decide on a name for our baby daughter? Maybe. We'll announce it as soon as we're sure. In the meantime, I'm planning to post a video of her latest heartbeat recording here on Blogspot tomorrow!

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