Thursday, June 30, 2011

Timbers Game/ Kathy's B-Day Weekend

VIDEO0112 a video by gkhamilton on Flickr.
Click on the “play” arrow above for a video clip of the Timbers fans (yep, that’s us) going wild after Portland scores their second goal, within two minutes of getting on the board with their first, against the New York Red Bulls.

Kathy has learned to expect the unexpected whenever a birthday, wedding anniversary, or random date night comes around. Her birthday this past weekend was no exception, although I have toned it down a bit over the years.

I always try my best to pepper Kathy’s birthday week with little gifts, surprises, and unexpected diversions.
IMAG0801.jpg The only thing that my wife actually requested this year was a birthday dinner at La Hacienda Real. I made sure to work that one in among my usual birthday “schemes.” Many, but not all, of my surprise ideas worked out as planned, and I was able to pull off the big finale: mid-field seats to the sold out soccer match-up between the Portland Timbers and the New York Red Bulls!

Kathy assumed that I was done with her birthday surprises/gifts on Saturday, her actual birthday. After church on Sunday, we drove down to her parents’ house in Salem for what appeared to be a relaxed lunch and gift opening party. She may have found it a little strange that I was rushing to get back on the road afterwards (I had made previous arrangements with her parents, who were in on the whole thing).

I tried to play it cool once we got to downtown Portland. We ducked into a crowded coffee shop, listened to a jazz band that was jamming on stage at Pioneer Courthouse Square, and finally grabbed dinner at a Mexican diner en route to Jeld-Wen Stadium. Kathy grew suspicious as the green war painted faces of the Timbers Army fans began to surround us as we walked towards the stadium.
IMAG0828.jpg I finally came clean when I realized that the gig was up.

Despite the Timbers 3-2 lead near the end of regulation, we ultimately got saddled with a 3-3 tie when an inexplicable Portland handball led to a game-ending penalty kick by New York during stoppage time. It was a great matchup, though, keeping the Timbers Army on their feet and inspiring deafening cheers right until the very end.

I’m hoping that this was yet another birthday weekend to remember.

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