Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lena's First Two Months... A Photo Fest!!

Saturday night update: Tons of photos added!
DSC_0284_edited-1.JPG by gkhamilton
DSC_0284_edited-1.JPG, a photo by gkhamilton on Flickr.

Since Lena’s birth two months ago on 9-10-11, I’ve been making an effort to upload a current picture or two of our adorable baby daughter in every BlogSpot entry that I post. Posting only a few times each month unfortunately means that the majority of our uploaded Lena pictures are never made “public” for posting here on BlogSpot.

DSC_0445_edited-1.JPGDSC_0460.JPG Before we get started, these are my two most recent photos of Lena, with this last one taken with Granny Lora and Grandpa Tom yesterday as we celebrated her 2 month birthday!

Lena didn’t grow this big overnight, although it seemed that way. So to catch everyone up, here are a few of our favorite moments (in no particular order, and not counting the delivery/hospital pics) from Lena’s first 2 months:

DSC_0889.JPGDSC_0894.JPG After driving Kathy and Lena home after our exhausting 101+ hour hospital stay, I proudly carried Lena inside our house for the first time…

DSC_0923.JPGDSC_0935.JPG …and we got ready to spend our first night at home with Lena.

IMG_3572_0001.jpg Hitting the town for the first time with a five day old Lena (Bo took this picture of us at Five Guys)

DSC_0029.JPGDSC_0942.JPG Sneaking in naps at home with Lena

DSC_0955_Blog.JPG Home visits from family and friends…

DSC_0964.JPG…including each of the members of our church family who brought us meals and baby clothes while Kathy was recovering from surgery. DSC_0969.JPG Thanks, friends!

IMAG1134.jpg Bringing Lena to work to show off Lena to Kathy's coworkers at the Portland Clinic (6 days old)…
IMAG1251.jpg IMAG1248_edited-1.jpg…and to my friends from Delta Airlines who listened to the soothing sounds of Lena screaming her little head off at the Portland International Airport

DSC_0003.JPG Chilling on the bed, celebrating Lena’s 2nd week birthday

IMAG1233.jpg Lena's debut Sunday morning appearance at Aloha Church of God- The proud papa shows off Baby Lena to our church family for the first time!

DSC_0040.JPG Waiting until Lena’s 3rd week birthday for her first ever bath

DSC_0061.JPG All of our parents coming to Aloha Church of God to participate in Lena’s dedication ceremony, followed by my solo performance of “My Savior, My God”

DSC_0155.JPG Lena gets her first tummy time on the floor, to exercise her neck.

DSC_0242_edited-1.JPG On her fifth week birthday, Lena flails around on her padded mat in the living room.

DSC_0303_edited-1.JPGDSC_0278_edited-1.JPGDSC_0307_edited-1.JPG Daddy/baby bonding after coming home from work at Delta Airlines, and on the couch

IMG_3750.JPG Our cousins gather to see Lena for the first time at Bo's "A Welcoming Party for Lena" at my parent’s house in Vancouver (photo taken by Bo with his camera)

DSC_0398_edited-1.JPGDSC_0411_edited-1.JPGDSC_0403_edited-1.JPG ...And on Halloween night, Garth Brooks takes Lena, his little strawberry, on a tour of our church’s “Trunk or Treat” car displays.

Being the overly cautious parents that we are (um, discuss?), we decided to wait until Lena was at least one month old before taking her on her first ever hike. DSC_0292_edited-1.JPGIMAG1335.jpgDSC_0301_edited-1.JPG Since she was new to Oregon (5 weeks!), Lena naturally wanted to take an inaugural hike up to the top of Multnomah Falls.

IMAG1356.jpg Since then, we’ve been trying on most weeks to get Lena out on various trails in the area. Our first camping trip with Lena can’t be too far off!

On that note, I was disappointed last week to cancel what would have been Lena’s first international vacation. Our pediatrician deemed it a bad idea to take her overseas before she had even turned 2 months old, so I relented in the interest of Lena’s health and safety. I’m hoping to start traveling with her overseas by early 2012, though!

In the meantime, I’ve decided to resurrect my “Top 5 Recent Trips” countdown here on BlogSpot. Hint: My #4 pick was directly impacted by the night that Osama bin Laden was killed, but we ended up having an amazing time anyway. So check back here during the week of Thanksgiving for…

Top 5 Recent Trips: Part 4!!

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