Thursday, March 21, 2013

From the Set: A Wedding in Sunriver- Coming Soon!

The bright side of filming these late night/all night TV projects is the free time that piles up during the additional lighting setup, etc. that is required for shooting night scenes.  The downside is that I'm now officially out of excuses for not finalizing the terrific blog post that Kathy wrote last month about Brent and Cheryl's February wedding.

It's hard to predict how late we'll be here filming on set, but I'll keep plugging away at that post from my Galaxy Note 2 in between takes and scene rehearsals until it gets done. It will be easier to add the photos from my laptop later, after we wrap filming for the night.  Check back here soon for Kathy's "A Wedding in Sunriver" post!

April update:

My break from "Garth's Blog" is lasting longer than planned.  There is only so much mobile editing that I can do while working, filming, and doing photo shoots.  New content is still be posted to my other blogs.

Garth's Blog will return on the 2nd week of April!

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