Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bogota, Pt. 5: Risky Business and the Musicology Hostel

My current quick trip to Europe is coming to a close, so I will be soon be resuming this blog from the Pacific Northwest.  There is still one final post from Colombia that will be uploaded on Friday this weekend, and it's classic Garth's Blog. In other words, my unconventional travel style may continue to polarize readers who may or may not share my sense of impulsive adventure.

Thanks to all the readers who contributed public and private feedback to my overwhelmingly controversial post, "Bogota, Pt. 4: In Harm's Way" (link). The offline fire storm brewed up by Pt. 4 made the criticism of my earlier "Bogota, Pt. 3: The Big Welcome Party" (link) post seem like a mild-mannered public library zoning protest!

I slightly reworded sections of the "In Harm's Way" entry (including the intro) to tone down the self-depreciating language that played up the "Oops!" factor of the narrative.  However, I'll admit that being intentionally vague about my true motives during that scary situation does nothing to vindicate my actions.  Oh well.  Even in its current form, it's still a completely true story (albeit missing crucial context that casts me in a more favorable light)... and a darn good one at that.


On a less divisive note--  Here's my pitch to fellow travelers that the Musicology Hostel should be a top choice for any backpacker looking to avoid any risky business in Bogota:

The balcony overlooking the courtyard of the Musicology Hostel in Bogota, Colombia

The Musicology Hostel in Old Bogota's colonial district of La Candelaria is THE spot for shared community and a staff of free spirited musicians, all joining to shape the mellow vibe. The location is within walking distance of Bogota attractions and nightlife, decorum is memorable, and the facilities are secure and well maintained. It is an upscale hostel at a reasonable price.

Sure, there's always the risk of innocently overhearing the brazenly inappropriate misuse of a neighbouring shower stall. Twice. But all in all, the Musicology Hostel couldn't be recommended more highly.

Reggae and Ellie are among the many wandering souls who search for musical bliss and harmony at the Musicology Hostel in Bogota, Colombia.

The always cheerful Sami keeps everyone smiling and laughing.

Diego keeps jamming into the wee hours of the morning.

As always, it's the staff and the other backpackers from around the world who make all the difference. I won't list each of you here, but let's make sure that our paths cross again!

Coming this weekend on BlogSpot...

Hiking Monserrate and Saying Goodbye!

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