Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bogota, Pt. 3: The Big Welcome Party

2/28/13 A clarification to my readers:
Since posting this from Colombia on Sunday, I've been taken aback by the controversy that this post generated (publicly and privately).  Specifically, my sparse description of what I jokingly referred to as the "Big Welcome Party" in the title led many readers to speculate about the drugs, drunkenness, debauchery, and careless behavior that could have been involved.

In actuality, the nature of this birthday party (or any of my exuberant social activities in Bogota this week, for that matter) would fail to raise an eyebrow from most people who know me.  I apologize that my intention to depict a fun, innocent, and festive arrival in Bogota was interpreted otherwise.

As always, thanks for keeping up with Garth's Blog!

From this morning:

Bogota, Colombia- Nearly every street in my neighborhood of La Candelaria has views like this one that I captured of Monserrate, looming above the city.

Within minutes of arriving at Algeria's Hostel in Bogota, Colombia last night, I got invited to a neighborhood birthday party. My American friend Josh found out about the fiesta from a girl whom he had been shamelessly hitting on in the common lounge. He had to insist, and I couldn't resist.

Hubo un problema. Charles and I were out so late (see my "Colombia, At Last" post from last night) that the guy from Algeria's Hostel had given away my bed. That's right, the bed that I had paid a deposit for. The bed that I was assured could be claimed no matter how late I checked in.

My Spanish speaking skills were sufficient enough to get me this far, but I could not translate this guy's lengthy justification to save my gringo life. At least he seemed apologetic, and he's probably a nice guy when he's not busy overbooking South American hostels.

Long story short, I ended up at the nearby Musicology Hostel with plenty of time to make an appearance at the party down the street.  Back at the hostel, Diego, Ellie, Jenny, and whomever else wandered inside made me feel welcome in the common area until we eventually retired to our bunks. Good times can be found in the midst of some bad circumstances!


Sipping Colombian coffee with breakfast on the patio of Bogota's Musicology Hostel, before heading out with some friends

This morning, I may walk down to the Sunday flea market with some students from Philly. The rest of the day will be reserved for exploring Bogota and doing touristy stuff. Tonight, the Musicology Hostel is hosting a barbecue followed by a "party bus."  Don't plan on me catching that bus.

It could be late by the time I get back from my moonlight hike up to the hillside of Monserrate.  The view looking down at Bogota is said to be gorgeous!


Susan Hamilton said...

A moonlight hike up a mountain? A steep hill? I hope you have a flashlight with you! So glad you made it to Bogota after all the airport delays you had to endure. Be safe, and have a good time! Love, Vive

Garth Hamilton said...

I mentioned this briefly in my next post, "In Harm's Way." but the night hike I had planned for Sunday was postponed.

This evening, I posted my final blog from Colombia--"Leaving Bogota." Mount Monserrate turned out to be a great day hike instead. It was also probably much safer that way, too!

I'll show you some other amazing pictures next time I see you!